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Birthday Parties

Jewel Jam is a high quality party service based in Hong Kong. We are a mobile service that travels to your home, hired venue, school or club house to teach jewellery design. Our specialty is birthday parties for children six years and above. Jewel Jam is also incredibly popular amongst tweens and teenagers. Jewel Jam stock a range of beads sourced internationally and we work with high quality materials to help children create beautiful and unique jewellery and a memorable birthday experience.

Education and extracurricular activities

Jewel Jam can be booked by clubs such as Girl Guides, Brownies and for any other extracurricular club activity in Hong Kong. We can do seasonal parties for Christmas, Easter and other public holiday events. Jewel Jam is often booked for school fetes and fairs and is a great idea for entertainment at club house events. Please enquire here to ask how Jewel Jam can develop a bespoke package to meet your needs.

Our Packages

The standard Jewel Jam Birthday Package includes:

  • A two hour jewellery making party with a Jewel Jam party hostess.
  • Complimentary birthday party invitations.
  • Over 100 different kinds of high quality beads to choose from.
  • Jewellery tuition to make three of the following items: bracelet, necklace, earrings, beaded bubble blower, magical beaded wand or anklet
  • Birthday present for the birthday child.
  • Jewel Jam Goodie bag + stickers to take home.
  • Optional extras:
    Jewel Jam cake
    Jewellery making kits


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Frequently asked question

What age is a Jewel Jam Party suitable for?

Six years and over as jewellery making requires a certain level of fine-motor skills to thread the beads on wire. In addition concentration and patience is required to create jewellery masterpieces, click here to see photos of jewellery that children have made at previous Jewel Jams.

What do you do at a Jewel Jam?

We teach children how to make their own beaded jewellery to take home. They will learn how to plan and colour-coordinate a pattern to design their own necklace and jewellery items. There’s a variety of 100 jars of beads to choose from. Jewellery options include: necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, key chains, beaded bubble blowers, magic wands, surfer chokers, charm bracelets, and sports necklaces. Each child will make three items under the supervision of the Jewel Jam party hostess. Children will receive a goodie bag to take their creations home in.

Does Jewel Jam have a shop?

Actually we are a service; we do not have a shop. Instead, we bring a Jewel Jam party to you!

We’re also having a bouncy castle and a face painter at the party, is this ok?

Absolutely! Jewel Jam is used to other entertainers at birthday parties. In fact, we have some connections that we work in alliance with. Click on the links below to visit our alliances.
When you book a Jewel Jam in with other services, remember to give Jewel Jam a two hour block period of time and save the other activities for after the Jewel Jam has finished.

What happens at a Jewel Jam party?

The Jewel Jam party hostess will bring a mobile suitcase filled with 100 jars of beads, a tool kit and beading boards! The set-up is minimal when the party hostess arrives and the children will be gathered around the bead case. It’s better to work with children sitting on the floor rather than at a table. After a brief introduction the children will learn how to use beading trays to design and thread their jewellery. The Jewel Jam hostess will clasp and finish all the items ready for the party-goers to wear home.

Do you just stock plastic and acrylic beads?

No! We have a range of semi-precious gemstones including amethyst, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, hematite, malachite, jasper, carnelian, turquoise, adulite, garnet and more. There’s a range of Paula shell, pink mussel shells and also bone beads too. We have a range of metallic beads, silver beads and a beautiful range of Tibetan silver charms. In addition we have a large selection of glass beads, silicon beads and a range of natural wooden beads too. We’re really selective about what beads make it into our product range and are constantly sourcing high quality beads to work with.

Where do you source your beads from?

Our bead and jewel selection have been sourced internationally by our Jewel Jam buyer who has been sourcing beads for over 16 years! Our beads come from a variety of locations; New Zealand, Bali, India, South Africa, China, and Thailand. We want to offer a high quality selection and a variety of beads to give you a memorable and upmarket party that’s special for your birthday girl and not easy to replicate.

So we want to book a Jewel Jam, what do we do?

Click to call Jewel Jam now or click here to email us. Information we need when booking a party is:
The date, time and location for the party and how many children are coming (if there’s over 15 guests we will offer you a bespoke package)

Is a Jewel Jam just for girls? My daughter wants to invite boys to her party too.

Actually, Jewel Jam has options for both boys and girls. There’s a selection of beads in all of the colours of the rainbow (and more). The options that boys can make are very appealing. Often boys love designing the necklaces just as much as girls do and are most likely only ever put off doing an activity like this because of how adults influence their decisions. Boys can design cool surfer choker necklaces, bubble blowers, key ring chains and even a necklace that has the colours of their favourite sports team they love – girls can do this too! It’s definitely cool to invite boys to a Jewel Jam. Click here to visit the photo gallery of items that boys have made at a Jewel Jam party.

How long does a Jewel Jam take?

Allow two hours for a Jewel Jam session for the children to make three items of jewellery.
Make sure this time is just for the Jewel Jam – save cake cutting, food eating and birthday presents, other games or entertainment for after the Jewel Jam.

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