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Welcome to Jewel Jam parties!

Jewel Jam parties are a combination of fun, fashion, flair and a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday for children aged six years and above.

Jewel Jam travels throughout Hong Kong to teach school aged children to make their own beaded jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, magic beaded wands, and bubble blowers.

A Jewel Jam Party Hostess will travel to your venue with the tools and jewels to entertain a group of children for two hours and teach children to create their own beaded jewellery. You can book a private venue or we can travel to your apartment or clubhouse.

The birthday child receives special a gift from the Jewel Jam Party Hostess. All the guests will receive their own party bag to take their jewellery home in.

We Bring The Party To You!

We bring the party to you!

Jewel Jam is an ideal birthday party solution that comes to your venue. We bring the jewels and tools to your party to teach children how to make their own unique hand-made designer jewellery.


Jewel Jam is a stress free option for parents hosting a children’s party as we will entertain the children for two hours without the need for parents being involved. Children designing jewellery are often highly focused, engaged and very calm and quiet.

High Quality Beads
High quality beads

Jewel Jam brings over 100 jars of beads and jewels to choose from. We source supplies internationally and stock an extensive selective of high quality materials such as; ceramic beads, cloisonné beads, bicone beads, faceted beads, foil beads, lampwork beads, metal Beads, millefiori beads, cultured pearls, gemstone beads (semi-precious beads) and many more.

Fun For Girls And Boys
Fun for girls and boys

Jewel Jam provides a fun and creative option for birthday parties that suit both boys and girls aged six years and above. Children’s imagination will be sparked with the options they can make; necklaces, bracelets, beaded magic wands, surfer chokers, key chains, sports team necklaces and even beaded bubble blowers.


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